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we sell a lot of girl scout cookies. we've been selling cookies since we were girl scout brownies. our team's goal is big. last year we helped rebuild people's houses after the storm. this year, we're going to washington, d.c., for the first time ever. we have to "activate our network" -- our family, our friends -- cultivate our best customers. we even set up this booth to find new ones. here we can answer questions. explain all the different cookies. they're all really delicious. look at the new box. it tells the story of what we do. i think i know that girl. i always make eye contact. i tell people where the money goes. of course we have team business cards.
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you should stop by our booth and say hi. maybe buy some cookies.
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[narrator: female] quiet please. wait a sec. i'll take one. oh yeah. alright.
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all good. take care. way to go. nice. bring it on. gotcha i'm here for you. oh no. please, please. please. i'm waiting. interesting... not buying it. not fair. that's it. this conversation is over. oh, brother. [narrator: male] body language can tell you all sorts of things. [narrator: female] i'm having a stroke. i'm having a stroke. [narrator: male] know the sudden signs. learn f.a.s.t. f- face drooping a-arm weakness s- speech difficulty t- time, time to call 911 immediately. the sooner they get to the hospital, the sooner they'll get treatment, and that can make a remarkable difference in their recovery. learn the body language, the sudden signs, and spot a stroke f.a.s.t.
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